The Beattitudes. (Read here The Sermon on the Mount ) One of Jesus’ first message delivered from a mountain. Not a blessed mountain or a sacred mountain. Just your every day hill. This is important because one would think, especially during his time, that the Son of God would preach one of his first messages from a holy hill. Not Jesus. He found the first spot where he could be heard and seen from the crowd and taught.

Nothing fancy.


You may wonder why I am explaining all this in a post about happiness. Well, I’m telling you this because it matters and absolutely relates to our happiness.

We search for happiness in the big exciting moments. We find joy when things are going well; when our circumstances feel nice and cozy. This hinders us and our happiness because happiness isn’t always found in the big and the good. Happiness is found every where at all times.

The Beattitudes is all about character. Jesus is explaining different groups of people and how they are blessed. What is interesting is that he doesn’t end each verse with their blessing. He begins the verse with it instead.

For instance, in verse three Jesus says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”  The poor are blessed. Not because of what they are getting. No. They are blessed because of who they are.

They are blessed not because of what they will receive but because of who   they are in him.

Most of us look to the end result to find happiness. That is the wrong journey towards true sustainable happiness. It is not the end reward that makes us happy. It is who we are in the process of getting there.

Happiness is for everyone. True happiness is found in the honor and privilege of the Kingdom of God on earth. The Beattitudes is designed to invite souls to Christ and make his grace-filled law into their hearts. Once we find Jesus we are emptied of our self and filled with Jesus. This is happiness.

The same happiness is promised to all of us no matter our life circumstances. We each have a call to happiness through Jesus. It doesn’t matter what our life looks like when we open our eyes. We are blessed because of who we are in him. That is happiness.

Where are you finding happiness? Look around and ask yourself if your happiness is tied up in circumstances or in Jesus. I promise that latter is happier.

Love & Blessings,


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